Our tour to Hakone includes a ride from Tokyo Station on Japan's fastest train, the Shinkansen. From Hakone-Yumoto, we take a bus up the Tokaido Highway over the most difficult section of the route to Kyoto. 

Just before the Hakone Pass, we stop at the 140 year-old Amazake-Chaya Tea House, that has been serving travelers on the Tokaido for hundreds of years.

From the Tea House, we venture onto the old Tokaido road for a pleasant 2.5 km walk through thick cedar forests over Ishidatami paving stones.

We arrive in Moto-Hakone which lies on the peaceful shores of Lake Ashi. Historical shrines, imperial villas, and the lake most characterize this area. Weather permitting, you'll have beautiful views of Mt. Fuji.

A walk through the Hakone Sekisho Barrier, gives you a glimpse of what life was like under the Shogun. These checkpoints were construted all along the Tokaido Highway to inspect goods and people coming and going from town to town.

We then follow a course back to Yumoto-Hakone via a pirate ship, a ropeway over Owakudani -- the Valley of Hell, a cable car ride, and a Swiss funicular as we retrace our steps back to Tokyo.

Hakone Sample Itinerary 

Hakone, is one hour southwest of Tokyo, and is Japan's most visited national park. It also must be one of the most beautiful.

Our tour takes you full circle around the area, visiting several sites and let's you walk a portion of the Tokaido Trail.

A photographers paradise!

Tokyo, Japan

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