Edo/Tokyo -- High City of the Warrior

Sample Itinerary

We walk through the city's history from its foundations in 1590 to the present, visiting often ignored sights that help in understanding the modern city. 

Edo - the original name of today's Tokyo - was a vibrant and lively castle town of over 1.2 million in the 17th Century. 


The day is devoted to the life of the warrior class and its distinctive culture that helps explain a great deal of modern Japan.

Tokyo is best understood by starting in the place it all began -- Nihonbashi. 


From Nihonbashi, the heart of the city, we discover the role it played from the start and still plays today. 


We stop briefly at Will Adam's former estate location, and the Mitsukoshi Department Store founded in 1672.

We pass the Bank of Japan at the Tokiwa Gate and pass the Lost Child Stone on our way to Edo-jo Castle via the restored 1914 Tokyo Station, located in daimyo alley, today's Marunouchi. 


Through another massive castle gate, we stroll through the ramparts of the castle.

We next visit Kagurazaka where we stop for a traditional Japanese soba lunch.

After lunch, we walk east over the Sumidagawa through a quaint Edo-period garden as we make our way to the Ireido (Tokyo Memorial Hall), where the victims of the 1923 Kanto Earthquake and the 1944-45 US Army air raids are remembered.

Next, we visit the 17th Century Edo stroll garden, Kiyosumi Teien, and end the day in the Ginza, the showcase area of Japan from the 1870’s.

Tokyo, Japan

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